About our Project

Daslne is a research database of children with ASD living in the North East of England. ASD-UK is a national research database of children with ASD across the UK. These are two separate databases – families join one or the other, based on their location. We are delighted to announce that the autism research funding chartiy Autistica has provided new funding for both databases until 2017!

  • Our primary aim is to provide accurate information about the numbers of children with autism spectrum disorder living in the north-east.
  • You can see information and advice on problem topics such as sleep, eating, sensory issues, anxiety and temper in our Daslne fact sheets which can be downloaded and kept for easy reference.

Quotes from Parents:-

“Joining Daslne, was not just filling in a form. It was being able to do something positive for families such as our own. Helping in a small way to make things better in the future, even if this is just looking at how something is worded, or topics for a newsletter. It is good to contribute to new pieces of research, and to understand better how our local services are working”

“Joining Daslne provides a community which supports and promotes the research and development of knowledge and understanding of autism. As parents it allows us to contribute to the development of this knowledge and potentially participate in relevant research. Joining Daslne has given me access to some excellent opportunities to attend conferences/workshops to help me develop my own knowledge of autism and how it affects myself and family, resulting in practical advice and strategies that have allowed me to better support my child with autism. Joining Daslne has also given me access to information on local activity available relating to activities, training etc. which has also provided an excellent link to further resources. Daslne offers practical support as well as reassuring parents that there is significant research being done to improve the experience of those affected by autism”


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